Grieving tends to be a very personal experience, often loaded with an array of emotions. 


For some people, the death of a pet can be more difficult than the loss of a relative.
In the same grain, the word “normal” itself can be pretty loaded.


The experience of loss can be different for everyone. 

With the pet’s passing comes an absence, and filling that void can seem overwhelming. 

Some people feel guilty, some feel angry, some feel a certain relief, especially if the end was lengthy
and difficult.


Some people’s sadness turns out to be immense, complicating

their ability to carry on with their regular activities.

All of these responses to a pet’s passing can be considered “normal.”  



Saying a final good-bye to your loyal friend can leave you feeling empty, sad, lonely, and sometimes guilty or angry. The pain can be immense and overwhelming, and often others don’t understand what you’re experiencing.  


Please consider joining a relaxed gathering of people who understand and share the deep grief that can be associated with the loss of a pet.  


Saturday mornings, first Saturday each month, 10:00–11:30 A.M.

Comfort Room 109,
CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital

300 Drake Road, Fort Collins



If you prefer meeting face-to-face with a grief counselor, we can connect you with resources for this, as well. We make referrals to:


Leigh Ann Gerk, MA, LPC



CSU Health Network

Located in the CSU Health and Medical Center

151 W. Lake Street (corner of College Ave. and Prospect Rd.)

Fort Collins, CO 80523-8031

(970) 491-7121


University of Northern Colorado Counseling Center

Cassidy Hall Second Floor

Greeley, CO 80639


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